ChopChop - Küche, Reibe

„Kitchens are made to cook in.“

Preparing food seems to be the most normal thing on earth. And that is exactly why we don‘t bother performing all the tasks while working in the kitchen. But within a closer look we’ll recognize that some of the tasks are more complex. Especially this complexity problems develope especially for elderly and disabled people while performing the tasks. For them preparing their meal often becomes a hurdle and a struggle which they have to deal with every day. ChopChop is therefore designed in terms of the universal design philosophy and provides help for disabled as well as not disabled people for preparing daily meals and working in the kitchen. 

Jobs done: Concept | Design | Prototyping

Awards: Special Mention – Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2014

Photocredit: Patric Dreier.

ChopChop - Küche, SpüleChopChop - Küche,Teil 2ChopChop - Küche, Teil 1