This minimalistic backpack holds place for your laptop and important paper work. The slim design with its contrast color and its classy grey suits you well for your way through the suburbs to your business meeting.


In the bustle of everyday life, man often loses an eye for the inconspicuous, for the restrained. It so happens that the carpet is an often underappreciated furniture in the room, even though it has an essential contribution to the atmosphere.


Yummy is a responsive wallpaper design. Different, cross-sected fruits and vegetables are beautifully displayed on this wallpaper and with the help of a QR-code you are able to access a matching website showing you the scanned fruit or vegetable and the way of preparing a delicious meal with it.


Preparing food seems to be the most normal thing on earth. And that is exactly why we don‘t bother performing all the tasks while working in the kitchen.


Chair, bed or table – the number of places where we temporarly keep our clothes is nearly infinite. But why do we keep them in places where they don't belong and which are not meant for keeping clothes? The answer is quite simple: we are always going the way of less resistence.