We’re innvoators. We’re researchers. We’re thinkers. For us products are more than just objects. Each of them has a unique story or a unique idea – and we help creating, developing and shaping these. Starting from concept creation, researching and analyzing to ideation until placing the product in the market – we accompany each project with knowledge, passion and drive: Because we love what we do.


Creating meaningful and innovative concepts and objects with focus on its users and their needs is not a five minute thing: it takes tons of thoughts, creativity, time, successes as well as failures. All mixed up with a good portion of passion, curiosity and the drive to enhance. As we believe in transparency we could sum up our design process in five steps which describe the way we do things and why but if we had to descibe it in just three words – those would them be: Think! Act! Innovate!



We are not the only ones who like our products – besides wonderful publications in books, magazines and blogs on the internet we are very happy that we were also awarded for our work! Chop Chop was awarded with a special mention in terms of the Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2014 and nominated for the German Design Award 2015.

Also we are very proud and more than happy to be one of five finalists of the German Design Award 2017!