I am Dirk.

Product designer, creative thinker, researcher and interior concept creator. For me form follows function and function follows the users needs. With that in mind I help creating, developing and shaping ideas.

Starting from ideation, concept creation, strategic product development, researching and analyzing until placing the product in the market – I accompany each project with passion and drive: because I love what I do.

WOWTech Group – Tradeshow booth

Tradeshow stand for the german branch of the international WowTech Group to showcase their newest sextoy products in the premium segment.

Gilberto – Sidetable

Gilberto: naughty, exciting and loud. A table representing a utopia of youthful recklessness, enthusiasm and joy.

Lacoste – Tradeshow booth

A minimalistic premium tradeshow stand for the fashions brand latest key piece collection 2018.

Trio – Kitchen design

Trio is a three-part, self-sufficient kitchen, which reduces itself to the essential elements of cooking: preparing, cooking itself and washing.

Flurstück – Rug design

Design rugs were elements and structures from nature and from the production of needle felt are abstracted, graphically translated and transformed into a modern design.

ChopChop – Kitchen design

ChopChop is a kitchen design in terms of the universal design philosophy. It actively provides help for disabled as well as not disabled people for preparing daily meals and all the tasks coming with it.